New York City

Last week I had a visit to New York. First I spent a few days in Morristown, New Jersey to do some flight simulator training for work. We are obliged to train in a flight simulator regulary every year, to be sure to stay safe doing operations at the AirAmbulance. Morristown was a very small town, not much happening there. While there, it was a «snowstorm» over New Jersey. As Norwegians, this snowstorm was no big deal. But in New Jersey and New York, all schools was closed together with a lots of shops and resturants.

Then I took a few days off while I was there, and choose to spend the weekend of in NYC. Lot´s of things happening in NYC as usual. This weekend was Fashion Week, Chinese New Year in Chinatown and Presidents day. This is a pic of a freezing Police Officer during the «snowstorm». More pics here.


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