The Arctic Triple

Was honoured to work for the very challenging and spectacular race The Arctic Triple in Lofoten last weekend. I work as the Safety Director, but manages to do some photography as well.

In the unique surroundings of the Lofoten Islands the Arctic Triple are giving you the opportunity to truly feel alive. It will be hard. It will be tough. It will be amazing. They promise you an unforgettable experience in the footsteps of Vikings.

Lofoten Ultra-Trail®

The first official The Arctic Triple Lofoten Ultra-Trail® will take place in week 22, 02.-05. June 2016. Three distances will be offered – 100 miles, 50 miles and 24 KM. Starting the 100 miles in iconic Reinefjorden, the 50 miles at Lofotr Viking Museum and the 24 KM at a traditional fishery – the route is packed with mountains, beaches, green hills and almost the entire time with an ocean view.

Lofoten Triathlon

The first official The Arctic Triple Lofoten Triathlon will take place in week 33, 15.-21. August 2016 in the town of Svolvær. Two distances will be offered – an extreme distance and an olympic +.

Lofoten Skimo

Lofoten Skimo is the truly arctic race in The Arctic Triple. The race will be a northern lights race that is set in March, when the traditional Lofoten fishing is at the peak of the season. Maybe you’ll get a good catch? The first official race will take place in week 11 2017.

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