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9. september 2018 / Random

A few weeks back, we published the Norseman 2018 Wetsuit count. Now it is time to look into the bikes. First of all, this is not a real bikecount like…

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7. august 2018 / Research

As most triathletes are familiar with, there is a yearly Bike Count at the Ironman World Championships at Hawaii. What they do not have, is a Wetsuit Count. So, since…

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25. januar 2018 / Random
22. desember 2017 / Research
18. juli 2017 / Research
18. juni 2017 / Research

If you do some endurance- or weight training, it should be of no surprise to you that your body temperature increases during physical training. But do you know how much…

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31. mai 2017 / Photography

Spent last weekend outside Stockholm on the island Utö. The reason was our ongoing research project on Cold Water swimming, were we did body core temperature research at the athletes.…

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14. april 2017 / Photography

My work collegue Kine asked me to make a few shots of her son Tideman. This picture is of them both together, natural light only.

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17. februar 2017 / Photography

I was fortnuate to be part of a research project where we tested Olympic athletes in a heated lab. More on that research later, just wanted to show a few…

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4. august 2016 / Research
12. juli 2016 / Photography

Had a great shoot with Rebecca Hjellegjerde. She is a Norwegian triathlete, and she just qualified for the Ironman 70.3 world championship. The first photo is a composite in Photoshop.

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13. juni 2016 / Photography

Was honoured to work for the very challenging and spectacular race The Arctic Triple in Lofoten last weekend. I work as the Safety Director, but manages to do some photography…

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9. april 2016 / Research

Nylig ble det publisert et studie, der alle dødsfall i triatlonkonkurranser i USA ble gjennomgått. Den har ganske mange interessante funn. Mest utsatt er middelaldrende menn. Med en gjennomsnittsalder på…

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3. mars 2016 / Photography

Had a few days in New York. I love NYC! A bit hectic and noisy for me, so a few days are enough. Been there several times before, but this…

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31. januar 2016 / Research

Det er høysesong for å svømme innendørs. Nå skal teknikken finslipes før utendørssesongen starter om noen måneder. Innendørssvømming er hyggelig og sosialt. Noen av mine hyggeligste triatlonminner er fra badstua…

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26. januar 2016 / Photography

Spent a few days on the beautiful island Arnøya, in North-Norway. Arnøya is an island in the municipality of Skjervøy in Troms county. Its area is 276 square kilometres (107 sq mi).…

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24. januar 2016 / Photography

The dramatic Lyngen Peninsula is where mountains meet sea, creating undoubtedly one of the world\’s most spectacular coastal landscapes. Photographed from Arnøya, Northern Tromsø

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21. januar 2016 / Photography

My hometown Stavern with snow is a rare sight. Not often we can see snow here at the coast in the southern part of Norway. Shoot with Nikon D800 and…

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8. desember 2015 / Photography

A few days in Paris for the conference «Science & Triathlon» at INSEP, France. Had the opportunity to make some photos during the stay. Paris is a beauty!

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22. november 2015 / Photography

Visit from Heidi this weekend. Had a few photoshoot with her and Maria. Used a Nikon D800. For the Indoor shoots i used a two flash setup. One flash through…

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