22. mai 2010 / What?

Hoppestad is a place outside Skien. The Hoppestad triatlon is a very charming training competition that is arranged every 14´th day by my good friend Haarek during spring and summer.…

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6. mai 2010 / What?

Dette har jeg egentlig ikke greie på, bare så det er sagt med en gang! Jeg løper ofte på Hove. Ett fantastisk flott sted utenfor Arendal, der blant annet Hovefestivalen…

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17. februar 2010 / What?

Last week I had a visit to New York. First I spent a few days in Morristown, New Jersey to do some flight simulator training for work. We are obliged…

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15. februar 2010 / What?

A few days in New York. During my stay, there was a celebration in Chinatown for the Chinese New Year. Wow! What a show! Probably a few hundred tousand people…

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24. desember 2009 / What?

Just want to say Merry Christmas to everybody! This picture is from todays training ride on my bike. Did go to Hove where Hove Triathlon starts June 12. Lots of…

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19. juni 2009 / What?