Recent years we have done som pretty accurate meterings of the weather condition at Norseman. This is due to our ongoing research projects during the race. Since 2015, we have continuously been doing studies every year. Here I´d like to present a sneak peek of the most recent weather data, from the 2019 race.

Our metering is done by calibrated instruments. This is important, as we are dependent on accurate meterings in our research. For water temperature, we use the Fluke 51 Handheld Digital Probe Thermometer. And for weather measurements, we use the Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress tracker.

Water temperature 2019

First the water temperature. This has in the history of Norseman, been the most talked about theme the weeks leading up to race start in august. Norseman is notorious for its cold swim. Not so in 2019.

In 2015 the water had a temperature at 10°C. This marked the start of my PhD journey. We have accurate readings since 2008. We will publish them later.

But for now, this is our readings during the swim in 2019.

Startline 16,4°C 1000m 16,6°C 2000m 17,6°C 3000m 17,4°C

Weather measurements during 2019 race

Now onto the weather. 2019 was one of the warmest race in Norseman history. Especially in the valley first 25km of the run. It is not warm like Hawaii or the French riviera. In Norwegian standards, it is pretty hot. And basically no wind at all. Our readings is as follows.

Transition 1 – Eidfjord

Air temperature:  15,6°C
Humidity:                    94,2%
Dew Point:      14,7°C
Wind speed:                0
WBGT:             15,1°C

Cycle 35km – Dyranut

Air temperature: 12,1°C
Humidity:                    87,8%
Dew point:      10,1°C

Cycle 140km – Imingfjell

Air temperature: 21,1°C
Humidity:                    53,3%
Dew point:      11,9°C
Wind speed:    0,8mps
WBGT:                         22,9

Transition 2 – Austbygdi

Air temperature: 25,1°C
Humidity:                    53,5%
Dew point:      14,7°C
Wind speed:    1,3mps
WBGT:             25,1°C

Run 37km – Stavsro

Air temperature: 16,6°C
Humidity:                    71,2%
Dew point:      11,2°C
Wind speed:    3,5mps
WBGT:             14,6°C

Finish line – Gaustatoppen

Air temperature: 13,5°C

Humidity:                    69%

Dew point:                  7,5°C

There you have it. Weather readings for Norseman 2019! There has been much worse condition than in 2019. I was there in 2005 when it was snowing on Mt. Gaustatoppen. We do have more weather metrics for several years. We will publish this in some of our scientific papers in the future.